Custom Art

While I am a sculptor, my finished product is always a photograph. I work in a temporary medium called plasticine. I take ideas, turn them into physical sculptures, and then place them in the appropriate environment.  

My clay characters are ideal for illustrated children's books, creative profile photos for social media, website graphics, and just about anything in-between.

For pricing, contact me using the box below as each illustration is unique due to scale, amount of detail, and location of shoot.

My illustrations have been published in:

CraftSanity Magazine
Grand Rapids Gallery Guide (cover)
Boinx iStopMotion 3 (Mac App Store advertisement and demos)
The GRCC Collegiate (magazine cover, story illustrations)
GRCC Display Magazine
Official Jars of Clay Blog (Dead Man Carry Me claymation)

Buying Prints

Classic - 8 x 12" - $15

Lovely - 12 x 18" - $25

Mega - 20 x 30" - $60

I love to mount my prints on Sintra backing to save money by avoiding framing costs:

Classic 8 x 12" - add $15

Lovely 12 x 18" - add $30

Mega 20 x 30" - add $45

Priority Mail is a flat $10 for as many prints as you want.  Expedited shipping varies.